Do you need help in detoxing? Are you sensitive to detoxing? When you start a detox do you get headaches and joint pain? If you struggle with detoxing, that means your body is not getting rid of the toxins as fast as you are “flushing” them out. With the ionic foot cleanse your detox becomes more “gentle”. By placing your feet into the water with the ionic charge in it, toxins are drawn out of your body via the feet. It is a painless but effective way to help your detox be a more pleasant experience. Also, a more successful experience. Try it today! We recommend detoxing every Spring and Fall with a series of 10 to 14 footbaths.

You can purchase your own Ionic Foot Cleanse by contacting us for details or by clicking this link:

Beginning of Session
Toxins starting to come out

End of Session
30 minutes of toxins coming out!