The technology used in the Electrodermal Screening Machine (EDS) relies on the existence of energy in every organ, system and cell of the human body. The EDS is a computerized device used to assess the status of energy in each organ and system of the body. It is also used to select products likely to restore bio-energetic balance wherever imbalances are found. We can perform rapid, painless sensitivity and “end point” balancing for items such as drugs, epidermal irritants, foods, inhalants, molds, pollens, etc. This is a wonderful tool to use with people with allergies, chronic health issues or are just feeling rundown. By testing with the EDS we can put together an individual health care plan for each person we see. It will be specific to your needs and concerns. With this new technology we can get to the source of the pain or illness and attack it from there. Along with chiropractic this becomes one of the most comprehensive treatments available.

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