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What Patients Have To Say about Dr. Mary

I suffered whiplash and a concussion in a car accident. Though I've always had an appreciation for quality chiropractic care, I was the greatest need when I found Andrashko Chiropractic Plus. Dr. Mary bridged my mental and physical strengths to help me progress to very near my starting point. Appointments were always reasonably spaced, she provides a remarkable education component and will get to know you so well, she can determine some of your pain points just by observing how you enter the office. The close proximity of Whisperleaf Therapeutic Massage was a benefit since using the services together helped to maximize my healing experience. It's wonderful to experience such a highly-skilled person doing the work they seem destined to do. Gratefully, Brenda H

"I came to Dr. Mary with fibroids and she helped me reduce them so I did not need a hysterectomy. When I went back to my MD, I had to ask him how the fibroids were doing. He said, "great" because I did not even notice them this time."
Lisa N.

"I have been to several other chiropractors but they have not provided the results I got with Dr. A. The techniques she applies are noticeably different. She does not rely on machines to treat the patients, she administers her own applications to treat her patients, the difference is remarkable!"
Chris W.

"Dr. Mary has changed my life. She treats my whole body. Not just my back and I feel better than I have in years."
Steve H.

"When I started seeing Dr. Mary I had constant neck and back pain, I had seen other practitioners and had little relief. Dr. Mary did a nutritional evaluation on me in addition to the adjustments and now for the first time in years I am rid of the constant pain. She is great."
Faye A.

"I suffer from sinusitis, and have had surgery to eliminate the sinus pain and it was unsuccessful. Shortly after that I started seeing Dr. Mary and she has been treating me with adjustments, BioSET, and nutritionals. After about 3 months, I was able to smell again. Now I see her on a regular basis to keep my sinuses clear."
Jean S.

"I went to Dr. Mary because my back hurt. She noticed my pain in my hands while working on my back and gave me an enzyme to help break down my food. What my MD told me was early stages of arthritis was now completely gone. I have no more pain in my hands or back."
Betty S.

"A friend told me to try Dr. A for my carpal tunnel before I have surgery, I thought she was crazy. After the first visit my wrist felt much better, after 4 months my pain was gone. Dr. A also showed me stretches to perform to reduce any more wrist pain. It has worked like a charm. Needless to say, I did not need surgery.
Thanks Dr. A!!"
Kathy C.




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