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Do you need help getting into your health routine?
This program is a great way to get started on your road to health.
By completing this 14 day program you will start detoxifying, change your eating habits, (lose your cravings), and increase your energy levels. This is all done by following our detailed 14 day program that gives you menus, supplements and exercises. By following this program you will change your metabolism and thus lose weight and feel great!

14 Day JumpStart Program
Dr. Mary's 14-Day JUMPSTART Program
aka: a "detox" that will change your life

as experienced by Laura L. (volunteer guinea pig)


Last fall, during a routine appointment with Dr. Mary, I found myself expressing the same complaints I'd had for months:
"I feel sluggish."
"I eat well and exercise regularly, but I can't lose any weight."
"I'll fall asleep if I don't have my afternoon caffeine fix."
"My shoulder injury just won't heal."

Dr. Mary explained the benefits of detoxifying our bodies and volunteered to write a program if I was interested. Not only was I interested, I was chomping at the bit. In anticipation, I spent the next week easing myself off coffee and Diet Pepsi. I'd had caffeine withdrawal headaches before, and I definitely wanted to spare myself as best I could. When the Jumpstart was written, Dr. Mary and I sat down and she shared with me the healing benefits of organic, macrobiotic eating. I have to admit I was a little unsure at first, but Dr. Mary kept it simple and reassured me I'd be happy I did it. I left her office that day with my eating plan, my supplements, and a mental commitment.

My next stop was Lakewinds, where I purchased all my produce and some other items that I never knew existed. I had always considered myself a "healthy" eater, but this definitely rose the bar, so to speak, and I got quite an education that day from both Dr. Mary and the Lakewinds workers. I was still feeling a bit overwhelmed as I unpacked my groceries, but I woke up excited the next morning.

In all honesty, that excitement didn't last long. Days 1-3 were a bit uncomfortable. Not only was I completely changing all my eating habits, I still got the dreaded withdrawal headache that I knew I just had to ride out. It wasn't dibilitating--just annoying. The first few days passed quickly, luckily, and I found myself looking forward to trying the new recipes and realizing how the "clean' nutritious food was fueling my body. I went from whole wheat to millet, lentils and mung beans. I added ingredients like kombu and chia seeds. I discovered I actually like vegetables like kale and daikon radish...who knew?

After the first week I was down 7.5#, which was a pleasant surprise as the weight loss wasn't my primary goal. The best part was that I felt fabulous! My energy level stayed strong through the whole day--no dips and spikes like it used to. My stomach was flat--no bloating and distention. My digestive system was working perfectly--no heartburn, no gas, no disgusting bowel movements!

By the end of the 14 days, I'd lost 9.5# and wanted to keep going! Dr. Mary and I discussed how I could add in some other foods and still keep in alignment with my newly adopted eating style. 14# literally melted off of me in a month and I still felt great.

It's been four months since I did the Jumpstart. So what's changed?

Well, for starters, I've been caffeine-free ever since. I honestly never thought I could kick the habit. Diet Pepsi, which I used to crave, is now a thing of the past, and on a rare occasion I drink decaf coffee. I found that my caffeine addiction was reinforced by my habits. Every morning I'd put a pot of coffee on (and drink the whole thing myself), at lunch I'd drink a soda, and every time I drove past a coffee shop I felt compelled to stop in. All of those bad habits are gone.

I've added meat and dairy back into my diet, but only moderately, and it suits me fine. I still have an Accell shake for at least one of my meals every day because of the power packed nutrition it provides. I eat organic whenever possible, consume a wide variety of vegetables, and drink plenty of water.

I've commited to doing the Jumpstart Program twice a year: Spring and Fall. It feels good to feel good.

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